3 Oliver Specialty

3 Oliver Specialty


3 Oliver Specialty assists our clients with Special Insurance needs, outside of normal coverages. With our carriers we can provide guidance, coverage, and advice for:

    • Fine Art & Specie
    • Marine
    • Equine
    • Aviation
    • Space and Telecommunications
    • Crisis Management – Product Recall
    • Crisis Management – War, Terrorism & Political Violence
    • Political Risk & Trade Credit
    • Trade Receivable Insurance
    • And many more varied non conventional coverages.


Cyber Theft and Extortion

Cyber attacks cost companies over 450 billion dollars per year. An that number is expected to reach up to 2 trillion by 2019. The average cost of an attack will cost a large company close to 1 million dollars. For SMB’s the number is around $100,000 for a single event.


It is the fastest growing crime in the world and will affect almost half of all businesses and organizations. Stolen client medical records, credit card information, sensitive company documents are all things that can be compromised very easily. One breach or hacked server can cost you millions of dollars in fees, bad publicity, stolen client data, and extortion fees.


Along with our partners we have many years of experience in mitigating risk and helping compromised businesses. Please call or email us for further information or for any emergencies.