3 Oliver

Beginning in 2001, changes in political, financial, regional, and ethnic forces, made the world a much more dangerous place.  With these changes, individuals and companies are now exposed to commercial and financial dangers that need to be addressed.  3 Oliver with its emphasis on KRE insurance, was formed to provide to our clients and prospects, the protection and tools to mitigate the real life threats that exist around the world.  If you, your family, or your company  travel or have employees living and traveling abroad, or if you live in a danger zone or country, 3 Oliver has solutions that will help reduce your financial exposure and facilitate the safe return of victims if an event happens.

If you believe that there is no danger in the world, or that all humans are kind and law abiding, and that any government anywhere is an answer to potential problems, this is not a site for you.

At 3 Oliver we believe in having solutions and means of resolution that come from the private sector.  The insurance company and policy is there to protect and provide you coverage.  The  men and women of the crisis response team provided by and with your KRE coverage, are ex military, intelligence, and law enforcement professionals, dedicated to the insured, not a government, the insured and potential victims.

The crisis response team answers to you, your company, family or employees and has one goal.  And that goal  is to bring to a conclusion an event in a safe and timely manner.

We work very hard to provide, to you, to the best of our ability and resources, current and informative information to assist you in knowing conditions and threats, around the world, for your strategic planning. Our news and intelligence feeds are updated continuously.

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