About Us

3 Oliver is a group of Companies and Professionals that had its genesis in 1970. We were lucky to be in Austin, Texas at the beginning of the growth of Texas and Austin. As Austin has grown and diversified, so has the makeup and capabilities of the 3 Oliver group of Companies.

3oliver executave team


Our vision has expanded from a Central Texas marketer of insurance products to a provider of coverages for local and international families, corporations, and institutions with domestic and international perspectives and operations. We represent carriers that can and do provide essential coverages to all parts of the world. Our carriers are experienced and financially strong to be able to provide the necessary coverages and service that we and our clients expect.


We provide to you, our clients or prospects, the most current and up to date information for your daily, weekly, monthly, and strategic planning in terms of the very real and unfortunate danger zones and issues we all face. Our 24 x 7 source of newsworthy events can be found here.